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Welcome to Jing’s orchard :)

(She is probably watching sparrows taking a sand shower
on the street right now, apologies for the absence)

Here are some facts about Jing︎︎︎

Jing is a visual designer currently live in NYC.

Her creative pursuits encompass typography, photography, layout design, and fiber arts.

She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA), Graphic Design MFA Program in 2021. She's currently pursuing her passions with fervor as an Graphic Director.

She open to commissions, collabs and freelance works.  

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*Jing speaks Mandarin Chinese, English.

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Publication / VI
In this project the challenge is to create a 4 pages collaboration which relates to  “Home” with my dear classmates. I used these 4 pages as a memory box collection of the house that I used to live in when I was a child. The house got demolished by the local government in 2018.  In this project I set the 4 pages as a 3 dimensional space, the front & back pages are the surface of the room, also I draw the illustration which represents the decorations in my home. In the middle spread page I created a series of stories that happened in the house which really bring back a lot of childhood memories, and also the connection between me and other living creatures that existed in the house.

Poster Design

for Peishan Huang
Artist Peishan Huang’s first solo exhibition was held up in Hangzou(China) in July 2021. The goal of the design was to help showcase the artist’s work and also increase the curiosity of the audience. I created a set scene in C4D choosing the artist’s photography work to make a collage as background and creating objects that most relate to sculpture to bring a retro style that reminds the artist’s hometown.

Mixed media,
Peishan Huang, 2021



AKA Niu Niu

VI / Package / Poster Design

Photography by Peishan Huang

In this project, My mission is to create an alterego, Introducing this persona – Niu Niu, she works at a Chinese rural printer shop but also a social media influencer. I want to challenge myself to explore the humanness style inspired by my Chinese heritage. To emphasize her narcissistic personality, I also styled myself into this persona to take a serious photoshoot. Through the lens of this persona, I created a visual system including package design, 3D design, and visual Identity design based on the visuals I analyzed from the street posters where I collected back from home.

Poster Design / 2019

From MICA GD MFA Visiting Designer Workshop
Instructor: Tracy Ma, Yotam Hadar


Welcome to
Niu Niu’s Place!

This is my lovely living room,
look at the wall,
isn’t it bEaUTiFul?

And – my office!

Everything refreshing! Yumyumm!


Ugly is Beautiful

“Ugly” is commonly used as a negative expression. However, to me ugliness has its own value. This thesis uses graphic design as a storytelling tool to challenge the common criteria of ugliness and launch a personal manifesto: ugly is beautiful. It’s ok to be ugly.

Please visit MICA Grad show to see more detail and
check my talented classmates’ work as well :-)

Healthy Lifestyle: The Chinese Way!

Motion Graphics
Nowadays, people love to put price tags on everything. Sometimes, beauty and value are the essential elements to define the aesthetic. Does that mean if something is not that beautiful, it should be of less value?
Here is a motion video inspired by the aesthetics of Chinese infomercials, which are usually considered cheap and low quality. But by using a authentic content from Chinese medicine research, I try to post the original question to the world: is low quality really means nothing?


2021 *WIP*
Illustration / Editorial
#0000Weekend is a visual project that I share my creation of the recent inspirations weekly on Istagram.

September 19, 2021, in a bright weekend morning, I was lying on bed staring at window waiting to see the first sunrise hitting on the letter “time” on a poster that I decorated on the wall. I start calculating how many weekends a person might have in theri entire life. “Not much,” weekend usually is the time for people to take rest and do whatever they want, since I don’t want to just let the time go, I made a goal to myself that  make the weekend productive but also something that I can enjoyed to do–– creative. So I decided to starting this projects to documenting my creation on weekend.
My currently goal is to focus on practice illustration which is the medium I always want to learn.

Weekend 0001

Weekend 0002

Weekend 0003

Weekend 0004

Weekend 0005
Weekend 0006

Weekend 0007
Weekend 0008    
“Fantasia 1940”
Weekend 0009    
“Fantasia 1940”

“Fantasia 1940”

Weekend 0010
“Fantasia 1940”

Inspired by Tadao Ando – The Oval

Earth Angel
Vessel – X

Ping - Inspired by movie “The Handmaiden“

Outer Space Love

Vessel – X  2020

2008 – 2023
Since receiving her first compact camera at the age of 8, Jing has been capturing her passions in life: birds, spiders, colors, and captivating compositions.

Through photography, Jing discovered the expressive language of visuals. This profound understanding continues to influence her work, maintaining a special connection with graphic design throughout her creative journey.

Happy exploring :)

Post Covid Archive (Summer 2020)




2016 – 2022
7 years old, I made drawing my “business” as a social activity with my classmates. I designed a game which would list types of body figure, hair, dress, outfit, stylists items on back of my textbook and ask them to built their alter ego and I’ll draw a sketch for them. 10 years later, I decided to study in a drawing studio as an “Art Student” in hight school. That decision helped me to learn drawing systematically. Now even I mostly working on screens and softwear, I would found drawing on paper with charcoal and brushes (or digital painting) are still a kind of meditation to me.

practice copy, original work by @soljee_lee


2015, 2019-2020



/ Plant Porn 
/ 2014-2020 /

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