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AKA Niu Niu

VI / Package / Poster Design

Photography by Peishan Huang

In this project, My mission is to create an alterego, Introducing this persona – Niu Niu, she works at a Chinese rural printer shop but also a social media influencer. I want to challenge myself to explore the humanness style inspired by my Chinese heritage. To emphasize her narcissistic personality, I also styled myself into this persona to take a serious photoshoot. Through the lens of this persona, I created a visual system including package design, 3D design, and visual Identity design based on the visuals I analyzed from the street posters where I collected back from home.

Poster Design / 2019

From MICA GD MFA Visiting Designer Workshop
Instructor: Tracy Ma, Yotam Hadar


Welcome to
Niu Niu’s Place!

This is my lovely living room,
look at the wall,
isn’t it bEaUTiFul?

And – my office!

Everything refreshing! Yumyumm!

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