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2021 *WIP*
Illustration / Editorial
#0000Weekend is a visual project that I share my creation of the recent inspirations weekly on Istagram.

September 19, 2021, in a bright weekend morning, I was lying on bed staring at window waiting to see the first sunrise hitting on the letter “time” on a poster that I decorated on the wall. I start calculating how many weekends a person might have in theri entire life. “Not much,” weekend usually is the time for people to take rest and do whatever they want, since I don’t want to just let the time go, I made a goal to myself that  make the weekend productive but also something that I can enjoyed to do–– creative. So I decided to starting this projects to documenting my creation on weekend.
My currently goal is to focus on practice illustration which is the medium I always want to learn.

Weekend 0001

Weekend 0002

Weekend 0003

Weekend 0004

Weekend 0005
Weekend 0006

Weekend 0007
Weekend 0008    
“Fantasia 1940”
Weekend 0009    
“Fantasia 1940”

“Fantasia 1940”

Weekend 0010
“Fantasia 1940”

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